Classroom Performance System
Clickers in the Classroom

The Classroom Performance System allows you to:
  • Construct, organize, and deliver your own interactive set of questions.
  • Create review materials for delivery in a competitive, fun, and fast-paced learning environment.
  • Print questions in a traditional paper format.
  • Receive instantly and grade homework, review and tests.
  • Generate detailed reports about how each student did in class.

There are 3 easy steps to using the Classroom performance System in your classroom!
  1. Prepare - create a database, roster, and lesson.
  2. Engage - Many options to the delivery of your lesson.
  3. Report - CPS grades your students on their performance

Training Videos are here.
Detailed Directions are here (in case you lost your handout!)
Extreme Directions are here.
Go to CPS for PowerPoint

Here are some some videos of Student Response Systems (CPS and others)

If bad singing bothers you, don't watch this one.