EXCEL-lent Ways to Help Your Students Excel!

Basic Excel Review
Basic Tables and Graphs
Interactive Maps
Drop Down Menus

EXCEL-lent Websites!

http://fofweb.com (username = esc20 Password = coop)
  • Toolbars – View>Toolbars
    • Standard standardtoolbar.bmp
    • Formatting formattingtoolbar.bmp
    • Drawing drawingtoolbar.bmp
  • Navigating
    • Tab Key – moves cursor to the right
    • Shift + Tab – moves cursor to the left
    • Enter Key – moves cursor down
    • Shift + Enter – moves cursor up
    • Arrow Keys – move cursor in the direction of the arrow

Basic Tables and Graphs – Civil War Example

  • Formatting Text – just like Word!
  • Adjusting columns and rows
    • Manually – right click on the column or row heading and choose “Column width…” or “Row height…” then type in a number.
    • Automatically – to fit contents – double click on line between column or row headings
    • Automatically – to make all columns or rows the same – click in the select all area then change one column width or one row height.
  • Autosum button
    • Adds columns or rows
    • Keeps a running total
    • Click in the cell after your entries.
    • Click on the Autosum button, then click enter.
  • Average
    • Works just like Autosum
    • Use the drop down menu
  • Merge and Center
    • Use for titles or bold headings
    • Highlight the cells you want to merge, then click the “Merge & Center” button.
  • Fill Color – adds pizzazz
  • Make graph from chart
    • Highlight the data for the chart
    • Click the “Chart Wizard” button
    • Follow the prompts.