Lights! Cameras! Flip!

  1. What is a Flip Camera?camera_ultra_orange_open.jpg
  2. Advantages/Disadvantages
  3. Moviemaker
  4. 50 Ways to Use Your Flip Camera in Your Classroom

What is a Flip Camera?

  1. "How much and where do I get one?"
    1. 60 minute Flip - $124.95
    2. Tripod - $14.99
    3. 30 minute Flips are cheaper
  3. Approved Vendor)


  • easy to use
  • software is on the camera
  • no special cable needed
  • email videos
  • capture stills from videos
  • create movies with music
  • publish clips on line

  • files are large

Downloading Video
In BISD we are not using the Flip Video Software.
Plug in your camera and choose "Open folder to view files".
Copy the .AVI file to your desktop.
Open Windows Moviemaker.
Use the "Import Video" button to add your file to Moviemaker.

50 Ways to Use a Flip Camera in Your Classroom