Appointment - an activity that involves only you, at a scheduled time
Meeting - invite others by using a meeting request that's sent via e-mail
Event - an activity that lasts all day long
Task - an activity that involves only you but doesn't need a scheduled time.

Add Appointments
  • Click the Calendar icon on the Outlook Bar.calendar_icon.jpg
  • Choose New from the File menu.
  • Choose Appointment from the New submenu.appointment_window.jpg
  • Type a description of the appointment in the Subject box.
  • Type the location of the appointment in the Location box.
  • In the Start time and End time boxes, adjust the length of the appointment, if necessary.
  • To have Outlook remind you of this appointment before it occurs, select Reminder and then select when you want the reminder to occur from the list.
  • To set the appointment as a recurring meeting, click Recurrence (at the top of the window), set the appropriate options, and then click OK.
  • Click Save and Close.

Other Organizational Tips
  • color coded categories
  • views
  • calendar options (tools > options > preferences tab > calendar