Outlook Tips and Tricks
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We all know how to use Outlook to read our email. But did you know Outlook is a great organizational tool? If you're as forgetful as I am, use the "Calendar" to keep yourself on schedule. Need information about the parents of your students? Keep it in "Contacts". If you're a list maker, use "Tasks". The "Notes" tool is a great place to jot down a quick reminder. File those important emails into folders! Make yourself a "To-Do" list. And you can "Catergorize" everything! Click here to learn more on catergorizing.On this page, we'll examine each of these areas and how to utilize them as a teacher. Here's a video of 10 Quick Outlook Tips.

Let's look at Mail first. mail_folders.JPGRather than having thousands of emails in your Inbox, let's make some folders and file them away.
  1. In Outlook, click on the down arrow next to New and choose Folder from the drop down list.
  2. In the "Create New Folder" window, type a name for your folder (ex - Terrell's Tech Tips).
  3. Under "Select Where to Place the Folder", click once on the folder under which your new folder will appear (ex Inbox).
  4. Click OK.
  5. Now when it's time to file away an email, just drag the email to that folder.

Still typing in individual names one by one into your emails? Make your life easier and create a Distribution List.
  • Choose from the File menu.distro_list.JPG
  • Choose Distribution List from the New submenu.
  • Click in the Name field and type a name for the new distribution list.
  • Click Select Members to open the Select Members dialog box.
  • From the Show Names From The drop-down list, select the address book that contains the names you want to add to the distribution list.
  • Click in the Type Name or Select From List field and type a name you want to add to the distribution list, or choose a name from the list that appears in the Name field.
  • Click Members to copy the name to the Add To Distribution List field.
  • Click OK when you list is complete.

To Use a Distribution List
  • Click New from the Standard toolbar for a new message window.
  • Click To.
  • From the Contacts list, click the distribution list you want to use to address your e-mail message.
  • Click To.
  • Click OK.

The Outlook Calendar is an easy way to organize your time. Make appointments, invite others to meetings, set reminders, catergorize your life! This video shows you the basics. After about 2 minutes of Calendar Basics, the video moves on to Contacts and Notes.

The To Do bar gives you the tools you need to organize your day all in one place. to_do_bar.jpg
It contains mini calendars as well as a list of upcoming appointments and tasks awaiting completion.
The To Do list is where it should be — right in front of you so it's a tool you can easily use. To add a new task, click in the ‘Type a new task' box, type the task description and it will be added as a task to be performed today. To configure more detail about the task, double-click it to open the task dialog and make your changes.
A task that you don't complete today is automatically rolled forward to tomorrow and will continue to appear in the list until it is complete — this is a new and much overdue feature. You can color code your tasks to show the category it relates to (see below) and the Follow Up flag color indicates the task's urgency — the darker red the flag color, the closer is its due date.
More tips for organizationSet up reminders to act on an email.Customize your Outlook view.Need an Outlook Quick Reference Card?Ideas for School DocumentationPhone Call Conferences - put notes in the "Notes" section of ContactsParent Conferences - put conference in Calendar, set reminder, put notes in the "Notes" section of Appointment.
Phone Call Documentation

Conference Documentation