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United Streaming
If you've never used United Streaming before, you're in for a real treat! But first, you have to set up an account. Each campus has a unique code, found here. Then, go to http://streaming.discoveryeducation.com/, set up your account (click on the "Passcode/New User" tab at the top left), fill in the required information, and start browsing. More Resources Here

The best way to show a United Streaming video in your classroom is to download it to your C: drive. To download a video, click on the download icon next to the desired video segment and select "Save File". Choose Windows Media 1+ Mbps.

Once downloaded, United Streaming videos can be uploading to video iPods. Students who were absent or those who might benefit from seeing a video more than once, can use their own personal iPod.

MS Office

Powerpoint - BISD Students start using Powerpoint in 2nd grade. How do you keep your presentations from becoming "powerpointless"?

Powerpoint Dos

  1. Match design to purpose
  2. Stay consistent
  3. Keep it simple

Powerpoint Don'ts (aka "death by powerpoint")
  1. Too many words on a slide
  2. Too many bullets
  3. Too many effects (sound effects, animations, etc)
  4. Don't read your text
  5. Don't use powerpoint everyday.

Powerpoint Alternatives
  1. Photostory
  2. Moviemaker

How can you use Publisher in the Social Studies Classroom? Projects like: famous people business cards, flyers and brochures to advertise a place, postcards from a historical figure, mock websites for a specific topic, create newspapers, from a specific place or time, booklets about topics,

  1. Build an interactive map
  2. Build a timeline